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I've been in marketing since well, since...Adam was a lad.


From the Royal Albert Hall to the NHS, defence companies to a Health and Safety business, I've worked with a huge range of organisations over the past 20 years.


Just over 5 years ago I decided to set up my own consultancy as my greatest passion is working with small businesses, particularly those in the food and drink sector. I love helping people build successful projects, often from what used to be hobbies, into profitable concerns.

The greatest buzz I get from my work is running a workshop for a room full of eager, excited people who are dreaming of bigger and better things, an escape from the humdrum of the 9-5, a realisation of an ambition, a better quality of life or in many cases, the desire to help other people. Obviously these have been sidelined for now - but I will back. No doubt wearing a waistcoat.

The food and drink side of what I do, I love. I've been lucky enough not only to write about restaurants all over the world but also asked to judge at Grillstock and the National Cheese Awards. 

"It doesn't matter when we start, it doesn't matter where we start. All that matters is that we start." Simon Sinek