• Adam Whittaker

Adam Whittaker joins Legs PR as an Associate

A Staffordshire PR company is expanding with two new faces joining the team.

The associates are joining Legs PR Agency as the company goes from strength to strength.

The agency which was founded in April by broadcast journalist Tamsin Parker, provides communications, media and PR support to both private and public-sector clients.

Tamsin is teaming up with Stoke-on-Trent based Carl Uttley, a web developer, graphic designer and commercial drone pilot. Manchester based marketing and social media specialist Adam Whittaker is also joining the team.

Legs PR

More and more clients want the whole package

The Mum of two from Blythe Bridge said: “I have been working with Carl and Adam for nearly ten years now, on various projects including social media campaigns, design projects and website development. They are experts in their chosen fields and our skills really complement each other.

She added: “More and more clients are asking for the whole package and I want to make sure we can deliver that with the best people working with me, especially as we are now getting work from across the region. Carl and Adam have been working with me for some time now but we wanted to make it more official. I am absolutely delighted to welcome them to the team and I’m really looking forward to working them on the exciting projects we’ve got coming up.”

Carl said: “Tamsin and I work really well together. We have totally different skills sets that really complement each other. I really admire her for taking the leap from full-time employment to set up on her own. I have supported her along the way and actually designed her branding and created her website. I am delighted to see the company doing so well and can’t wait to get more involved. It means Tamsin will be able to spend more time with clients and on business development and I can help her with the graphic design and web development.”

Adam added: “Tamsin and I have been working together for a long time now for a number of different clients. We work really well together and trust each other’s judgement which is really important when you’re in business. My specialisms are marketing, social media and PR so I can’t wait to work more closely with Legs PR to help Tamsin develop the business further using the skills I have.”